Poire Williams Nusbaumer, 43% - Eau de Vie d'Exception

Poire Williams Nusbaumer, 43% - Eau de Vie d'Exception



The Exception range is the pinnacle of Nusbaumer's artisanal know-how. This Eau-de-Vie is crafted from big Williams Pears. These extremely fragile fruits, originally from Rhone Valley, have a red skin with white dots and white flesh. They are sweet and juicy and melt in your mouth. Selection of the fruits is critical, they cannot be damaged.  

After weeks of natural fermentation, the seeds are removed and the fruits distilled in traditional small copper stills. This eau-de-vie is then aged in stainless steel casks for years in order to obtain this unique roundness and refinement. At the end of this long ageing process, the alcohol content is reduced to 45% using water from their own mountain spring water. This spring water, running through purple shale rock, is characterized by its extreme purity which gives it its singular strength.     

Variety Eau De Vie
Type / Quality Pear
Age n.a.
Alcohol By Volume 43%
Content (ml) 700
Brand Nusbaumer
Country France



Very aromatic with obvious pear aromas.

Sensations of ripe fruit, soft yet powerful.