Our Philosophy

I remember perfectly how special it felt when I had my first sip of single malt… something of a privilege, an initiation into a new world. This is where my journey started!

And my excitement only kept growing as I went on exploring the larger world of whisky and other fine spirits.

The stories of the distilleries, the profiles of the liquids... it is just amazing. Every time you read those stories or try a new whisky or rum, it is like traveling…

From Islay to Mount Pelée, from Santo Domingo to Oamaru, each spirit carries a story which we love to share so you can travel and discover too. It is not just whisky or rum!

And there are so many small producers out there, making hardly known fantastic spirits. Well, this is our passion: we aspire to keep finding new ones and bring them all to you.

Hop on and enjoy the journey with us!