About Us

We just love our Spirits, we love their stories and we love to share them.

This is why we are constantly looking for new distilling origins around the world to select the best spirits and bring them to Singapore at the best price.

Triskel Spirits is born from the passion of one man who loved his whisky and his rum and loved trying new spirits all the time, so he could share it with other spirits lovers.

We specialize in sourcing and bringing to you limited collections of products from the lesser known distilleries and independent bottlers around the world. We also offer scotch whisky casks for private bottling.

Through our private tasting, spirits lovers can personally discover the goodness of our collection. 

Our aim is to offer products which are rare and of the best quality at an exceptional value

Triskel Spirits is all about discovering the rare and small series spirits that you may not have heard of.