Kornog Peated Celtic Whisky

About Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Operational since June 2005, Celtic Whisky Distillerie, located on the North Coast of Brittany, France, bottled its first unseated single malt (Glann ar Mor) in late 2008, and its first peated single malt (Kornog, "West Wind" in Breton, about 30-35 ppm of phenol) in November 2009. The distillery is located on the seafront (Glann ar Mor means "At the edge of the sea" in Breton).

Celtic Whisky distillery stands out for traditional artisan production with wooden washtubs, worm tubs and "100% Live Flame".

This specific expression, aged in a Bourbon cask, was distilled using "Maris Otter" barley, which is one of the oldest variety of barley and brings up the rich cereal aromas of older days Single Malts.