Distillerie G. Miclo

Distillery G. Miclo (France, Alsace)

Located in the “Welche country”, a valley nestled in the heart of Alsace, Miclo Distillery was founded in 1962 by Gilbert Miclo and has been mastering the art of fruit liqueurs ever since. Originally a reputed liquors trader, a profession he inherited from his father, Gilbert Miclo was consistently dissatisfied with the quality of the products offered to him by his fruits producers who were distilling. He then decided to start his own distillation and founded the distillery. Michel Miclo, his son, took over the family venture in 1995.

Since 1962, three generations have followed one another behind the stills to perpetuate the unique artisanal distillation which made the reputation of House Miclo. Their work was awarded multiple times at the Concours General Agricole de Paris, which allows Miclo’s bottles to be listed with the best stockists and in premium restaurants.

With the wealth of experience and success in traditional liquors, G. Miclo Distillery has developed a range of 3 single malt whiskies, which were first released in 2016.

These whiskies are characterized by the combination of the finest ingredients rigorously selected barley from Alsace, barrels from the best vineyards and pure water from a spring situated 950m above Lapoutroie village where the distillery is located.

Five years of ageing allowed their whiskies to become well rounded and offer a wide range of aromas. In addition, the quality of their whiskies is ascertained by their strict adherence to the specifications required to benefit from the Alsace IGP (Protected Geographical Origins) which defines “Alsace Whisky” as follows:
• Strict selection of raw materials (malted barley, water & yeast)
• Distillation and maturation in Alsace
• Ageing in oak barrels
• Authentic whisky with no colouring, sweetening or flavouring
The Range:
• Welche’s Whisky Single Malt, 43%, Aged in Sauternes Casks
• Welche’s Whisky Single Malt Fine Tourbe, 43%, Aged in Burgundy Casks
• Welche’s Whisky Single Malt Tourbe, 46%, Aged in Sauternes Casks
• Small Batch, Cask Strength 54.3%, Cherry Cask finish