Plantation Depaz

Already since nearly 400 years Depaz rum has been produced from luxurious blue sugar cane in the distillery situated at the foot of the Mount Pelée. The rum is produced directly out of fresh sugar cane juice therefore it is a so-called "Rhum Agricole" (agricultural rum). By the special tropical climate the rum matures particularly fast and presents itself with a wonderfully flavour fullness and a refined character.

The Depaz family is well respected and beloved by the people of Martinique, holding a significant place in both the island's historical and agricultural development. In 1902, Mount Pelée delivered a devastating volcanic eruption which detroyed almost everything in its path, including the Depaz estate. Almost 30,000 residents of Saint-Pierre - then the capital of Martinique - perished. Impassioned, Victor Depaz, the sole surviving family member, returned to the Estate in 1917 to successfully rebuild the estate and the distillery. His ultimate return in 1917 was an emotional one, as the city of Saint-Pierre had been described by some who knew the family as teh "cradle of his childhood and the tomb of his family".

Working tiredlessly, Victor Depaz focused his efforts in replanting the surrounding land, specifically rebuilding the agricultural distillery on the hundreds of acres he called home. His hard work paid off, and he successfully rebuilt the Depaz Estate to the brilliance it had historically known. Today it is the signature blue cane from the Depaz Estate, which delivers the luxury agricole rhum called Depaz. An incredible story of devastation and rebirth.

"Le Boulevard du Rhum. I’ve dreamed of such a street, as you might imagine. One not simply filled with great rum, but also steeped in a rich tradition of rum-making, of history and island pride. Never did I really believe that such a street existed, but then, last summer, I visited the legendary Depaz Distillery in Saint-Pierre, the fabled city in northern Martinique. There, just behind the structure pictured above, hung the sign – Le Boulevard du Rhum. My dream had come true." Steve