Chateau de Laballe - Vintage Armagnac

The 8th generation

The story started in 1820 when Jean Dominique Laudet, returned from the West Indies where he had passed 20 years of his life in the spice business. At this point he decided to fulfill his dream: spending the rest of his life producing the oldest alcohol in France, Armagnac. He buys the Chateau de Laballe in the heart of Bas Armagnac, a 600ha of woods and farmland employing no less than 120 people.

Château Laballe’s Armagnacs soon became widely renowned to such extent that more than 200 barrels of Armagnac were exported to NewYork ! Since that time, the Laudet family passion has been passed down from father to son: Jean Dominique, Alexandre, Julien, Fernand, Robert, Noel, Christian at today Cyril.

 Continuing years of family know-how, while each leaving their own mark on Laballe. In 2009, Cyril was joined by his wife, Julie, seduced by the Laballe universe and uplifted by Cyril’s passion. Today, they are the 8th generation, driven by the ambition to honour the family’s ancestors and perpetuate the tradition!

The Domain

Château Laballe is located in Landes Bas Armagnac, in the heart of its appellation. Located on sandy soil (the Sables Fauves) - some of the best of the region, thanks to their richness in clay and limestone, loaded with iron oxide - and to its gentle hills, instil the armagnac with its minerality and freshness.


The armagnac draws its originality and refinement from this unique ”terroir” which gives a strong and precious identity to the Chateau Laballe. From the vines and soils to the vinification and ageing, everything is put in place in order to extract the specificity of this geographical area to the maximum.
The grapes used in Laballe for armagnac are ugni blanc and baco,